Powerspike in action

Full specifications

IPx5 WeatherProof design
Cable: 10 Metres
Sockets: 2
Power: 3kW

Hire Pricing

Hiring the Powerspike costs £5 (excl. VAT) in addition to the price of renting out the heaters.

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**Delivery and Uplift:

Carriers can no longer guarantee next day deliveries therefore please get your orders in early (min. 2 days preferred). Total maximum cost is £41+VAT per heater up to £120+VAT for 12 multiple units inclusive of both journeys. Saturday special deliveries are £25 + VAT extra per heater. NO uplifts on saturdays. Upon quotation, acceptance below you will receive an OLRI (onloan-rental-invoice) for signing and £1 guarantee payment per unit.

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