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Chillchaser are now able to offer a bespoke design and build service to help you achieve your objectives for heating people outdoors. Whether it is an Alfresco Roof-Top restaurant or a simple patio garden – we can assist or project manage depending on your requirements — simply call Eddie on +44 1358 722224 for a free consultation and expert advice.

"...a heating engineer or electrician does not always have the training necessary to specifying an infrared heating system"

— Stephen Levy — MD of Heat Outdoors Ltd —

Approved Chillchaser® Distribution partner for South-East England.

Infrared Outdoor heating is a specialist heating category with different requirements to that of traditional heaters. More often than not the wrong products are specified with insufficient Infrared output for the areas they are installed in and inadequate electrical cables/ sensors/ accessories etc. to ensure that the installation is to the correct safety and specification standards.

NB: - Your insurers will not insure your premises if you are using Gas Heaters!!

Do’s & Dont's

  • Don’t take risks or cut corners with safety !
  • Don’t buy cheap products . you will definitely get cheap products !
  • Don’t buy steel based products or steel accessories as these will inevitably rust !
  • Don’t only heat from above as “hot heads” are not really what customers want !
  • Don’t use Gas Heaters as these are now banned in most public places in Europe !
  • Don’t use high glare halogen or quartz heaters as these are also being banned by the HSE
  • Do research your project thoroughly
  • Do employ expert help in this field, it pays dividends later!
  • Do listen to experienced and professional advice from people who understand this market
  • Do buy Aluminium based products and accessories – they don’t rust
  • Do install energy saving devices such as PIR sensors and time lag heater controllers
  • Do mix your heater offering by having fixed wall, hanging, portable and table heaters
  • Do mount wall mounted or hanging heaters at least 2.3m above the ground
  • Do mount wall mounted or hanging heaters away from fabrics and awnings
  • Do read fitting instructions before you buy or install a heater
  • Do use "Low Glare" Heaters like "Carbon Fibre" or "SunKare Gold™"
low glare

What is the correct positioning for outdoor infrared heaters?

The vast number of different types and power outputs of outdoor infrared electrical heaters affords great flexibility when it comes to designing/locating your Garden or Patio heating solution. There is no one solution fits all. Large Cafés or restaurants require bespoke heating solutions tailored to the individual requirements of the Architect or Designer - call us for more information and assistance on +44 1358 722224

Areas covered

Examples of installation layout for your heaters.
The principles can be repeated for larger areas.

More Do's...

  • Install overhangs and barriers where possible to retain heat.
  • Use barriers to protect the area from gusts of wind.
  • Avoid overlapping the infrared heat output from two or more infrared heaters.
  • Install the Infrared heaters as close as possible to a horizontal position to maximise the heat output. Infrared Heaters installed at an angle cover a wider area but the heat output and possibly occupant comfort, is reduced.
  • Always check the distance required in the instruction manual between the Infrared heater and another object, especially when attaching to an awning or umbrella.
  • Keep in mind that dark objects absorb more heat than light objects and sometimes the raised temperature of the object can pose a health and safety hazard.

Some key features to think about are:

  • Install if possible overhead cover. Even with Infrared heaters, there is normally still some heat generated around the heater unit, some of the heat will come from warming the air and overhead covers will help to keep the heated air trapped within the appropriate area.
  • An overhang on an umbrella or pergola will help protect the heated area from the wind, further improving the retention of heated air within the relevant space.
  • A glass or other solid barrier positioned around the heated area will help to reflect the radiated heat back into the assigned space. The best materials for this are ones which are highly reflective, such as glass or shiny metallic surfaces; however, walls, fences, promotional banners and even thick vegetation will still improve heat retention.
  • Try to avoid the heat output from the heaters from overlapping. Your suitably qualified contractor should be able to find information in the manufacturer’s guidance about the size of the area which the heat output covers and then locate the heaters appropriately.

Energy Saving Controls

Outside heaters can be controlled in a number of ways to suit the usage of the outside area and the time and money available for this purpose.
The best options are...

PIR/motion sensor

Automatically switches on when people are present only and switches off again to save energy when no-one is present

PIR Sensor

Percussion Controls .

Delay Button – set for the desired time delay and push to activate — this will automatically switch off after the allotted time. Great for unsupervised areas.


Plug.In Timer or programmable self.activation timers as a form of control are NOT LEGAL IN UK for heaters.
Do not fit these units to heaters.
Heaters should only be on when people are present!!

Infrared heating systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated with many heating options available being used in one project. Chillchaser® Branded products are being specified all over the world – 26 Countries to date. And we have many years of experience in designing and specifying heaters to match consumer and commercial demands is many weird and wonderful places. Top hotel groups such as Hilton, Marriot, Conrad, Des Vins insist on ChillChaser due to our safety record and after sales service.

Chillchaser® is a UK Manufacturing and Design Company who are proud to have brought our production back to Britain creating new jobs and supporting British Industry. Our desire to create innovative and high quality for Global Markets has led us to Export our products to 26 Countries to date.

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