Chillchaser's Commitment to...

The Environment:

Chillchaser® is committed to environmentally safe and responsible manufacturing at our own UK manufacturing plant. We are continually striving to improve efficiency and the use of recycled materials where possible without affecting the performance or quality of our products.

We are also committed to helping our customers lower the collective carbon footprint by:

Chillchaser Low Carbon Emission Heating - Certificate and Logo

Chillchaser® has 3 UK manufactured models Jupiter, Titan, & Hercules which are available to HORECA & commercial use customers as a carbon offset heater at a cost of: £10.00 for 1000 hours annual use – call our helpline +44 1358 722224 to find out more

Jupiter, Titan, & Hercules are also available to domestic use customers as a carbon offset heater at a cost of: £1.00 for 100 hours annual use – call our helpline +44 1358 722224 to find out more

ChillChaser® customers will receive an "Authenticated Certificate of Carbon Emissions Offset" for their premises and a waterproof badge to stick on the heater, dated and verified. ChillChaser® use this money to purchase Carbon Credits known as VER's from Carbon Clear which are in turn used to fund important carbon reduction projects that improve lives in developing countries.

Why do we offer low carbon heating?

Electric Infra-red heaters significantly help the shift towards a low-carbon economy because this fuel has far lower greenhouse gas emissions than other commercially available fossil fuels such as coal and kerosene, or biomass fuels like dung, firewood, and charcoal which are high in CO2, N2O and Methane." Biomass solid fuels such as wood, crop residues, charcoal, peat and dung release large amounts of particulates, carbon monoxide and other pollutants when burned in simple inefficient traditional stoves and heaters. According to the World Health Organization, prolonged exposure to biomass smoke is a major health risk, contributing to acute respiratory infections in children and other ailments. The switch to modern fuels such as LPG and clean electricity helps to improve living conditions and reduces the environmental impact of unsustainable wood burning practices. A move back to these fuels in every garden in the UK would set us back to the dark ages of smog, poor air quality and yellow skies"

Carbon-Clear programme

Carbon Clear helps companies around the world develop and implement carbon management strategies. Carbon Clear maintains a broad and exclusive portfolio of high-quality clean energy and other carbon reduction projects that improve lives in developing countries. In addition, we source credits for our clients under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Carbon Clear's carbon offset credits come from high-quality carbon reduction projects that help the environment while benefiting local communities. Carbon Clear's carbon offsets come from renewable energy and energy efficiency projects (at least 80% of the total), and community tree planting projects (up to 20%). Supporting clean energy projects in developing countries helps local communities make the transition to a low-carbon future, while tree planting reflects the fact that approximately 20% of global carbon emissions come from deforestation. To find out more information about Carbon Clears projects click here.


Chillchaser® is now offering a "free of charge" recycling uplift service at the end of our products life to any UK Chillchaser® customer who has purchase one of our products from Jan2012 onwards. Such is our commitment to recycling we will uplift and recycle our products at the end of their lifespan. Simply call our customer-care line +44 1358 722224 to arrange the uplift with one of our team. See our Recycle page for more information